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Standing at the top of car detailing industry


Masterpiece of TEVO and formulated with only the highest standard of raw materials. The perfect formula provides maximum protection to car’s painted surface with ultra-thin glass coating. Contaminations are unable to adhere to the coated surface easily. The performance of BodyGard-S60 does not deteriorate and affect by weathering nor ultraviolet rays for up to 5 years, it offers extraordinary water repellence and superb gloss finishing.


High Chemical Resistance

BodyGard-S60 has the best chemical inert properties in TEVO professional coating series. The ability to withstand corrosion from acid, alkaline, and salt is incomparable in car detailing industry. With such a strong ability, the performance leads to a longer lifespan when the product is coated on surface. Additionally, the unique formulation offers top-notch level of protection to vehicle and preferred by professional car detailer in four seasons country.

Penetration & Bonding

The conception of the masterpiece is to penetrate upper layer and micro pores of clear coat to form the inseparable bonding between coating and clear coat. Its penetrative capability is in a class by oneself and the other reason why it lasts up to 5 years. The surface receives impeccable protection from BodyGard-S60 once the coating is cured.


Best-selling formula in TEVO product range


BodyGard-S36 is a non-toxic and extreme low solvent composition. The performance does not deteriorate and affect by weathering nor ultraviolet ray due to its chemical inert properties. A coated surface with BodyGard-S36 resulting in silky smooth finishing, excellent water repellence, and highest level of glossiness.


PPF & Carbon Fibre Protector

A fine-tuned formula by TEVO chemist and one of a few quartz-based coatings can bond well with Paint Protection Film without causing the issue. Apart from this characteristic, the superior Lotus effect from BodyGard-S36 can minimize watermark issues which are known to happen on most of the Paint Protection Films.

Healing” The Scratch

One of the rarest abilities that a car coating could offer; and yes, the rare ability can be found in the formula. Years of research and development had led TEVO to the achievement. The properties will be activated upon contact with temperature above 65 Celsius and car detailers able to remove most of scratches by buffing the surface with a clean cloth.



TEVO GlassGard is specifically formulated to benefit the car owner in numerous ways. It enhances the glass surface by providing hydrophobic properties to it and increase the visibility during heavy rain. With that, the result of maximum water spot reduction can be achieved as water bead rolls down upon contact with enhanced glass surface.

Improved Visibility, Improved Safety.

Enhanced the surface with hydrophobic effect to provide the necessary visibility for driver during the heavy rain; water droplets roll down immediately upon contact with coated surface and driver able to see the road ahead. Thus, it offers better safety for you and your beloved ones during the journey.

Ultra-Smooth Surface & Easy Cleaning.

Dirt cannot be accumulated on the coated surface due to ultra-smooth finishing from GlassGard and can be rinsed off easily by using water. Water beads whenever contact with coated surface, rolls down from the surface while “washing” away all the dirt.


Chemical Resistant & Easy Cleaning.

MetalGard is chemically inert formulation, highly resist against road grime, brake pad dust, tar, and salt; it protects the wheel from corrosive agents. Additionally, the smooth finishing provides easy cleaning properties as dirt not able to adhere to coated surface.


High Hardness & Heat Resistance.

The only formula which can resist high heat area and specifically for surface near to disc brake such as wheel. Apart from that, the cured coating also has the required hardness to resist the impact from tiny stones and sand when cars are moving at high speed. MetalGard protects the wheel from harshest condition and keeps it look shine at all time.




Hardest and strongest glass coating in entire coating range of product. The high hardness is specially formulated for metal, chrome, aluminium, and stainless-steel parts. MetalGard maintains the appearance of the surface while minimizing oxidation. It offers the hardest layer to prevent harsh staining and giving the coated surface most ease cleaning characteristic



Innovative formulation for plastic and rubber parts to enhance the characteristic of stain repellent, easy cleaning, and retaining surface colour for long period. PlusGard can be used on brand new or oxidised surface. It helps to rejuvenate the color contrast and gloss from the dull surface.

Surface Restoration.

The cured coating acts as a layer of barrier and seal off the surface. With that, the surface retains the colour for longer duration than normal conditioner product in the market and minimises the process of oxidation. Therefore, PlusGard prolongs the lifespan of plastic surface and condition.

Minimize Oxidation.

Dirt cannot be accumulated on the coated surface due to ultra-smooth finishing from PlusGard and can be rinsed off easily by using water. Water beads whenever contact with coated surface, rolls down from the surface while “washing” away all the dirt.

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