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Tevo uni-clean

Tevo uni-clean

Waterless, fast, aromatic, and deep cleaning solution. G-Activ UniClean has a high evaporation rate which allows the cleaning process faster while leaving no residue nor mark behind. The unique cleaning agent is perfect to use before the application of the coating and to remove polishing residue and grease. A convenient and amazing cleaner which every car detailer should have all the time.


Product List
1) G-Active UniClean 300ml x 1
2) G-Glove x 1
3) G-Cloth x 1

  • More info

    Physical : Liquid (Water Based)
    Colour : Transparent
    Odour : Pine Aroma
    Finishing : Clean and clear (non sticky)
    PH Level : Neutral
    Shelf Life : 24 months
    Functionality : Remove dirt and stain
    Benefit : Restore surface color, No water rinsing required, Fast action & quick dry, User friendly
    Application : Spray and wipe
    Precaution : Avoid using on coated surface

  • How to use

    1. Clean the dust and tiny sand by using vacuum cleaner.
    2. Direct spray G-Activ UniClean onto fabric or leather surface.
    3. Use leather brush or fine quality of sponge to brush/rub the surface.
    4. You may add a little of force or pressure to remove stubborn stain.
    5. Use a clean cloth to remove the foam if there is any.
    6. Let the solution to dry off by itself.
    7. Repeat step no.2 to no.6 for any remaining stain

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