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G-Active Uni-Absorb

G-Active Uni-Absorb

Nanotechnology innovated formulation that helps to protect fabric and any absorptive materials from liquid and stain. The invisible coating will never alter surface colour, texture, and appearance at all. In addition of that, TEVO material will not seal up the fabric surface thence the material remains “breathable” even after coated.


Product List
1) G-Activ Uni-Absorbent 300ml x 1
2) G-Activ Uni-Absorbent Pack 150ml x 1


  • More info

    Physical : Clear Liquid (Water Based)
    Colour : Transparent
    Odour : None
    Finishing : Invincible and hydrophobic
    Durability : Up to 1 year or 5 washes
    Coating Thickness : None
    Coverage : 100 m²/ Litre
    Shelf Life : 18 months
    Curing Time : 3 hours drying / 24 hours fully cure
    Layer : Multiple to achieve better water angle & surface tension
    Application : Spray evenly until surface is damp

  • How to use

    1. Perform a simple cleaning by using a vacuum cleaner or G-Activ UniClean.
    2. Make sure the surface is completely dry before the application.
    3. Direct spray G-Activ Uni-Absorbent onto the fabric surface till it is damp
    4. Leave it to cure for at least 24 hours.
    5. You may then test the performance by dripping water on top of the coated surface.
    6. Repeat step no.3 to no.4 if you wish to patch up the coating or replenish the performance.

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