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G-Active Safe Vision

G-Active Safe Vision

SKU: 364115376135191

SafeVision is a two in one, clean & coat solution; whilst restoring mild blurish windscreen, it lay a layer of coating on top at the same time; provides superior hydrophobic and beading effect while water beads starts to flow even in low driving speed, clear eyes vision when water doesn’t stagnant on the screen.
TEVO prioritizes the safety of clients more than any car care company in the entire industry. SafeVision is user friendly, no wiper jerking issue and twice as much as durable than normal windscreen coating. Think safety, think TEVO!


Product List
1) G-Active SafeVision 300ml x 1
2) G-Glove x 1
3) G-Cloth x 1

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    Physical : Water Based
    Appearance : Transparent
    Odour : None
    Finishing : Clear transparent
    Durability : Up to 3 months
    Coating Thickness : Up to 1 micron
    Coverage : 300 m²/ Litre
    Shelf Life : 18 months
    Curing Time : Instant
    Layer : Multiple layer is allowed for better performance
    Application : Spray and buff

Color: blue
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