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G-Active Buff Coat

G-Active Buff Coat

SKU: 364215375135191

BuffCoat just only need to be done in a single layer and it able to perform like actual silica coating for 6 to 8 months of durability; at any time being if you felt to rejuvenate the coating, it can be easily done.
It will be listed as detailer’s most wanted car care product as flexibility of BuffCoat has no boundaries, it can be used as a standalone coating for quick detailing too. The hidden gem of this soon to be best-selling product is: the more you buff, the more shine it will be.


Product List
1) G-Activ BuffCoat 300ml x 1
2) G-Glove x 1
3) G-Cloth x 1

  • More info

    Physical : Water Based
    Appearance : Transparent
    Odour : None
    Finishing : Gloss and smooth
    Durability : Up to 6 months
    Coating Thickness : Up to 1 micron
    Coverage : 300 m²/ Litre
    Shelf Life : 18 months
    Curing Time : 30 minutes
    Layer : Multiple to achieve even coverage
    Application : Spray and buff dry

  • How to use

    1. Wash the car by using Bubble Max Shampoo.
    2. The car body must be dry and cool.
    3. Spray G-Activ AutoRevive evenly onto car body and make sure it covered entire car.
    4. Prime the cloth by using G-Activ BuffCoat and use it to buff the coating till there is no residue or streaking lines.

Color: green
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