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G-Active Iron Remover

G-Active Iron Remover

SKU: 217537123517253

Distinctive and pH neutral formula from TEVO to decompose brake dust, iron particle rapidly and degrease oil on the metal surface. A DIY cleaner for car enthusiasts yet delivers the professional cleaning result, and keep the wheel clean.


Product List
1) G-Activ Iron Remover 300ml x 1
2) G-Activ Iron Remover Refill Pack 150ml x 1

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  • How to use

    1. Rinse the wheel or metal surface by using water.
    2. Direct spray G-Activ Iron Remover onto the surface.
    3. Allow 30 seconds for the solution to decompose iron particle, grease, and brake dust; purple dot can be spotted once the decompose process begins.
    4. Clean the wheel by using detail brush of cloth.
    5. Rinse the wheel thoroughly by using water again

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