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G-Activ Auto Revive

G-Activ Auto Revive

SKU: 364215376135191

G-Activ AutoRevive is formulated based on “Now Everyone Can Coat” motto. Single step solution providing superior stain repellent, hydrophobicity, gloss and smoothness; yet no pre-requisite of skillset and technical knowledge required to achieve optimum detailing performance.

AutoRevive can be use in all sort of application method and has zero risk of damaging your car body paint; application method such as wet on wet, dry on, spray buff, & spray rinse. Not to mention when AutoRevive has zero downtime and instant curing ability, coated car can be rinse with water immediately to visualize the beading effects, long lasting and durable.
Stacking of multiple coating layer over time will greatly improve the gloss and hydrophobic performance. All car enthusiasts can now coat their beloved vehicle at any time with just a G glove and G cloth.


Product List
1) G-Active AutoRevive 300ml x 1
2) G-Glove x 1
3) G-Cloth x 1

  • More info

    Physical : Water Based
    Appearance : Transparent
    Odour : None
    Finishing : Gloss
    Durability : Up to 3 months
    Coating Thickness : Up to 1 micron
    Coverage : 300 m²/ Litre
    Shelf Life : 18 months
    Curing Time : Instant
    Layer : Multiple is allowed for better performance
    Application : Spray and buff dry

  • How to use

    1. Wash the car by using Bubble Max Shampoo.
    2. The car body can be dry or damp.
    3. Spray G-Activ AutoRevive evenly onto car body and make sure it covered entire car.
    4i. You may direct rinse the coated surface by using water.
    4ii. For best performance, kindly wait for 1 minute, prime the cloth by using G-Activ AutoRevive and use it to buff the coating till there is no residue or streaking lines.
    5. Wait for another 1 minute and rinse the surface until it is hydrophobic. The unique formula requires water to active it.
    6. The coating is stackable and patchable at any time. Repeat step no.3 to no.5 to replenish the performance.

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