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Detailing trolley

Detailing trolley

Tevo’s Detailing trolley is a great way to speed up time on a detail plus keep all equipment, bottles, machines and pads off the floor.

•No more kicking over products.

•No more tripping over tangled wires.

•No more machines falling over and getting damaged.

•No dirty buff pads.

This trolley can hold 2 buff machines (varying size machines) 8 bottles of product. Polishing cloths and 8 hanging bottles. Each trolly will also come with wheel extensions to stop it from toppling over plus a added phone/torch holder, A Handle for easy moving with it’s swivel wheels. It’s a simple plug and play trolley with a built in multi plug bank keeping all your machine and equipment wires in one place With a single plug outlet. A MUST HAVE IN ANY DETAILING SHOP OR HOME GARAGE. Please note product and machines are sold separately. Other trolley attachments can also be purchased and custom holders can also be made in house.



    Color: Red
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