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Why Tevo?

I bet you've spent days googling and YouTubing Nano coatings and Ceramic coatings? So now your asking why Tevo?

Well most other coating brands and TEVO’s coating are derived from the same source of raw materials, BUT the only way to differentiate them is from product performance.

Tevo doesn't only physically test their products they scientifically test them too. They ensure performance and endurance is at its optimal best.

A very brief overview of our composition (no specific product):

•         Silicone Mixture (Confidential) – composition of PDMS, fluorinated silane

•         Hexane/heptane/IPA

•         Silicon dioxide

•         Carrier oil

1.       TEVO designed multiple coating series to cater for different surfaces’ needs; e.g. Plusgard designed with better elasticity for the needs of soft top plastic/rubber surface, yet it comes with matte finishing to sustain the original surface appearance without glaring gloss. BodyGard is designed with maximum hardness of 9H this is to prevent surface cracks when hit by stone chip and etc.

Different coating finishing has different hardness, smoothness, glossiness, color contrast, etc.

2.       Ease of application.

Most of the available coatings need immediate buffing after application. But TEVO’s coating is designed to provide longer waiting time before buffing is needed, which ranges from 15 – 45 minutes. The longer the waiting time is, it will form a thicker layer of coated surface with means a better performance and lifespan.

3.       Designed for extreme weather.

Our coating S36 is specially designed to cope with extreme weather, Weather you are in Australia, Asia or even Germany, which all have either high humidity, high and low temperatures and even acid rains; it helps reduce the watermark stain issue with a strong resistance towards corrosion and UV degradation.

4.       Our coating is highly chemical inert – meaning that the cured coated surface doesn’t react with typical chemical wash, avoiding the coating to wear or washing off easily.

5.       TEVO coating provides flexible user combination on the coating – according to user’s desired finishing, they can combine different coatings with multiple layers to achieve different finishing. E.g.

Double layer of S60 + S36 finishing coat - Tough base layer with silky smooth finishing by Bodygard S36

• Double layer of S36 + S60 finishing coat -Thick layer of coating finishing with superior hydrophobicity

📷 • S60 + S36 + S06 -Superior gloss with extraordinary smoothness finishing.

There is a lot more to put into the comparison, but we believe that once you try our product you will know the difference, and the results will speak for themselves. ( check out our Facebook page here for more pictures of cars that have been coated)

Thats why we are the worlds leading Nano Quartz Coating company.

Article Thanks to the team at Tevo Creations. Edited by Tevo Australia.

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