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G-Activ AutoRevive


G-Activ AutoRevive is formulated based on “Now Everyone Can Coat” motto. Single step solution providing superior stain repellent, hydrophobicity, gloss and smoothness; yet no pre-requisite of skillset and technical knowledge required to achieve optimum detailing performance.

Any time & Any Where

G-Activ Auto Revive is formulated based on “Now Everyone Can Coat”. The best part is no technical skill, special equipment, and waiting time needed; easy-cleaning, brilliant hydrophobicity, decent glossiness, medium smoothness, and mild chemical resistant can be achieved with simplest application method. All car enthusiasts can now coat their beloved vehicle at any time with just a G glove and G cloth.

Instant Result

Instant hydrophobic can be achieved by using just spray and rinse method. Unlike professional range of body coating, G-Activ AutoRevive cures upon application and ready to get into action!


Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Users may opt for 1 minute of waiting time and use the buffing method of application to apply G-Activ AutoRevive. Secondly, TEVO Master Trainer highly advised car owners to prime the G-Glove or cloth prior to the application, this will prevent the dry glove or cloth absorb most of the sprayed solution away from the car body.


G-Activ BuffCoat


When gloss and smoothness are your priority, look for no others but G-Activ BuffCoat. Imagine silica coating with spray and buff, no downtime nor tack free time, simplified application method with professional result. It needs only single layers and able to perform like an actual silica coating for up to 6 months.

Mirror Finish

Dull paint restoration by using the do it yourself and cost-effective method. Gloss level which is on par with BodyGard can be achieved by applying one layer of BuffCoat and restore the car to showroom condition.

Top up at any time

G-Activ is extremely easy to apply despite having the similar finishing to BodyGard. The existing layer is patchable at any time if found the performance is deteriorated; just direct spray on the existing layer and buff to patch up the coating.


Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Apply G-Activ BuffCoat only on a dry and cool surface and avoid from direct sunlight; high temperature surface might affect the product performance. Strongly advise to apply it under the shelter or at indoor space.


G-Activ SafeVision

A two in one, clean and coat solution for all glass surfaces.


Restores mild blurry windscreen, and lays a layer of coating on top at the same time, provides superior hydrophobic and, beading effect. The water beads start to flow even in low driving speed, offers clear eyes vision, and ensure a safe journey.

Protection for beloved ones.

Driving under blurry and dirty windscreen during heavy rain is more likely to cause accidents than a high visibility windscreen. One layer of G-Activ SafeVision ensures the highest visibility of windscreen during the pouring rain and offers the safest journey for you and your family members. Rainwater becomes water beading upon contact with coated surface, rolls down from the surface, and does not impair the vision of the driver.

No Wiper Jerking.

One of the most common issue for coated windscreen is wiper jerking and it’s a known problem for previous generation of windscreen hydrophobic coating. We are confident that G-Activ SafeVision will not cause wiper jerking problem as the in-house chemist used newer generation of active ingredient and technology to produce the solution.

Advice from TEVO Master Trainer


Clean the windscreen or glass surface by using G-Activ UniClean prior to the application. Better performance can be achieved if user adds 1 minute of waiting time before buff off the coating. Lastly, the coating is stackable, can be applied for multiple layers, and provide better durability than single layer.


G-Activ UniClean


Waterless, fast, aromatic, and deep cleaning solution. G-Activ UniClean has a high evaporation rate which allows the cleaning process faster while leaving no residue nor mark behind. The unique cleaning agent is perfect to use before the application of the coating and to remove polishing residue and grease. A convenient and amazing cleaner which every car detailer should have all the time.

Strong Cleaning Ability

G-Activ UniClean is your number one choice for surface preparation prior to the application of G-Activ LeatherGard and G-Activ Uni-Absorbent. It can be used as an everyday product to clean the car interior; highly effective in removing dust, dirt, stain, and grease on fabric and leather surfaces.

Safe & Biodegradable

Customer safety is TEVO’s highest priority, and the in-house chemist only selects the biodegradable and safest grade of material to use in the formula. Therefore, G-Activ UniClean is safe to use inside the car and house; meanwhile, it evaporates itself and leaves no residue behind after the cleaning process.

Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Always clean the surface by using a vacuum cleaner first. Direct spray G-Activ UniClean onto the leather/fabric surface and scrub it gently by using a micro fiber cloth or sponge. Repeat the process until the dirt, dust, and stain is completely removed.

G-Activ Metal Iron Remover


Distinctive and mild acidic formula from TEVO to decompose brake dust, iron particle rapidly and degrease oil on the metal surface. A DIY cleaner for car enthusiasts yet delivers the professional cleaning result, and keep the wheel clean.

Fast Action

Instant colour changing indicates the process of rapid decomposition of the accumulated contaminants. The formula reacts immediately upon contact with brake dust and iron particle and purple dots or spots can be seen on the surface once you spray G-Activ Iron Remover onto the wheel. The more contaminant it has, the darker the colour depth of purple will be shown.

Strong Cleaning Ability

Accumulated brake dust and iron particle could be difficult to remove by using normal shampoo and brush; with G-Activ Iron Remover, it “softens” and decomposes the stubborn brake dust and iron particle, as such, the contaminants can be rinsed away easily.


Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Users may opt for 1 minute of waiting time and use the buffing method of application to apply G-Activ AutoRevive. Secondly, TEVO Master Trainer highly advised car owners to prime the G-Glove or cloth prior to the application, this will prevent the dry glove or cloth absorb most of the sprayed solution away from the car body.


G-Activ Uni-Absorbent


Nanotechnology innovated formulation that helps to protect fabric and any absorptive materials from liquid and stain. The invisible coating will never alter surface colour, texture, and appearance at all. In addition of that, TEVO material will not seal up the fabric surface thence the material remains “breathable” even after coated.

Natural Finishing

The uniqueness of G-Activ Uni-Absorbent is the deep penetration into all the micro-pores of the material and bond with it; at the time, the active ingredient provides the most natural finishing and without changing the appearance at all. Thence, the durability outperforms conventional type fabric coating which the formula seals up the surface and the coating can be easily damaged by abrasion.

Easy Application

Uni-Absorbent has the easiest application method among all the G-Activ products line-up. Simple spray application method and leave the surface to dry are all what you need to do. Amazing hydrophobic result can be seen after the surface is dried.

Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

The surface must be completely dry prior to the application for the active ingredient to bond well with micro-pores, achieve the best performance, and greater longevity. Strictly no water contact within the first 24 hours after the surface is coated as the active ingredient needs one day to cure.

G-Activ LeatherGard


Formulated for soft plastic and all kinds of leather by using the finest grade of silicone and polymer to allow better bonding and higher durability. Oil-free carrier is used in the formulation to avoid over oily touching feel while maintain natural finishing with mild gloss.

Non-slippery Finishing

G-Activ LeatherGard works differently from traditional leather conditioner, it does not provide an over-shine, oily finishing to the leather surface and shall not cause discomfort when passengers are sitting on it.

Reduce Leather Cracking

The unique formula keeps the leather always moisturised and offers impeccable protection against drying and cracking issue. The well-bonded material protects the leather from UV damage and staining issue.

Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Best to use G-Activ UniClean for pre-cleaning before the application of G-Activ LeatherGard to achieve optimal protection. Highly advisable to apply buy using cloth, spray the solution onto the cloth, and apply on leather surface to achieve better evenness.


Glass Watermark Remover

Cleaning product for glass surface, to remove watermark


The only cleaning product you need for your glass surface! Perfectly tuned formula by infusing extreme fine powder to offer various types of cleaning results to the glass. It can be used to remove the stubborn watermarks, restore surface smoothness, strip off the unwanted coating, and provide a hydrophilic finishing which GlassGard needs. The cleaning work can be done either by hand or polishing machine.

Non-Acidic Based

Unlike any traditional cleaning product for glass in the market that has an acid-base, TEVO Watermark Remover is formulated by using water-based formula. Thus, it does not damage or enlarge the micro-pores of glass during the cleaning process. Stubborn watermark comes back even faster if you clean the glass by using acid-based products and accidentally damage the micropores in the cleaning process. Furthermore, the formula is safe to use by hand.

Stubborn Stain Killer

TEVO Watermark Remover can eliminate up to 90% of stubborn stain on the glass surface. It cleans the glass surface by penetrating the dirtied micropores, attach itself to the contaminated particles and remove all of them during the rinsing process.

Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Refrain from using Watermark Remover on car body although it has superb cleaning effect especially in removing the watermark. The powder will scratch the clear coat if anyone tries to use it on the car body.


Body Scrub

Intensive cleaner for car body, to remove iron particle on lacquer


Mild acidic-based metal painted surface cleaner that works like clay bar or clay cloth. The finely tuned cleaning formula helps to decompose and remove the iron and dirt particles which are deeply adhered to the lacquer or clear coat. Best to use as part of surface preparation and before the application of BodyGard.

Iron Decomposition

A chemical reaction happens whenever BodyScrub is in touch with contaminated particles, the purple colour of spots indicates the process of iron particle decomposition is ongoing. The severity of contamination can be judged by the depth of purple colour.

Remove Unwanted Wax

The ability to strip off unwanted wax without damaging is second to none. Deep cleaning from BodyScrub achieves what a normal car shampoo could not. BodyScrub is a must deep cleaning agent prior to the application of coating.

Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Rinse the surface thoroughly by using water after cleaning the surface by using BodyScrub. It is advisable to perform the deep cleaning panel by panel and do not leave any residue on the clear coat.




Micro powder in the oil-based formula helps to remove the oxidised and rusted part on the metal surface and restore it with chrome mirror finishing. It can be used alloy wheel, stainless steel, and chrome surface. Highly advisable to use it before the application of MetalGard.

The unique formula is able to remove most of the contaminated area, restore up to 90% of the surface and turning the dull surface into showroom condition again! MetalScrub is the only cleaning product you need for surface preparation on aluminium, chrome, and metal surface.


The only tool you need to carry out the job is a piece of clean cloth or fine quality sponge. It is extremely easy to use, no special kit nor skill required to remove the oxidised part by using TEVO MetalScrub.

Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Any product can be a two-edged sword if you use it in the wrong method. Rub MetalScrub gently on the chrome surface to avoid causing scratches on chrome finishing as the formula contains micro powder. Rinse the surface thoroughly by using clean water after polishing the alloy, aluminium, chrome, or metal surface.


BubbleMax Shampoo


pH neutral car shampoo specially formulated for thick foam and deep cleaning purpose without damaging the car paint, clear coat, and coated surface. The formula is best to use on the coated surface due to its pH level and can also be used on the non-coated car too to prolong the lifespan of a clear coat. Suitable to use for weekly basis washing routine. The foam spray gun is highly recommended and required for snow wash.

Highly Concentrated

Bubble Max Shampoo is available in concentrated form and users can perform the dilution up to 1:120 ratio. The dilution is adjustable based on the user’s preference especially on the thickness of the foam. It offers multiple benefits to the user such as deep cleaning, flexibility, cost control, and suitable dilute ratio to a business.

Thick Foam

The thick foam will soften the adhered dirt and grime during the pre-wash phase. Thus, it can be rinsed or washed off easily and avoid scratches happen. It is safe to use on plastic, rubber, carbon fibre and Paint Protection Film too.

Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Ensure the surface is rinsed thoroughly after spraying the foam onto the vehicle; else, the residue dries off on the surface, become a white spot and that could be unpleasant to our eyes.

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